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CL_CNV_MBT_ONE_WAY_CONDITIONS - Collection of conditions

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The result of a condition can be cl_cnv_mbt_one_way_conditions=>c_true or cl_cnv_mbt_one_way_conditions=>c_false. In case of c_true the condition was fullied. If the answer is c_false then the condition wasn´t fullied.


We want to check if the execution target is defined that he has destinations in the remote system. This is used to get to know if the unhide/hide function must be called.


The condition checks if for the package the One-Way-Mode is set. This informaiton is available in the package parameter NO_BACK_CONNECTION (see table cnvmbtparams). If the One-Way-Mode is set then the condition returns with true.

The method can be called for a remote system by supplying the import parameter IP_DESTINATION with the destination id, Also the package number for the package for which you want to do the check must be supplied.


With the global parameter GLOBAL_SYSTEM_ONE_WAY_MODE_READY we define if for the system the One-Way-Mode can be used. If the global parameter doesn´t exist or the low field not set then it returns with false. If the global parameter exist and the low field got the content 'X' the it returns with true.


We get all destinations from table CNVMBTDEST. These are the destinations they should be exist in the local system. In the next step we check if these destinations are really exist in SM59 (table RFCDES). If at least one of the destinations doesn´t exist we return false. If all destinations exist then the answer will be true.


During package load the RFC Management tries to do the initial set of roles. If this was successful then a package parameter is set.This only happens if the destinations created in SM59. If not then the initial set can´t be done. In that case the parameter is not set. The condition checks if the parameter is set or not. If set then result is true. If not done the result will be false.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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