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CL_CNV_OM_MWBGEN - Generator

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This class is the interface to execute MWB-Objects by the MWB.

The required information have to be handed over to the constructor. These information contains the MWB-Objects to execute and the kind of execution. By calling method EXECUTE the activity will be started. The results of the execution can be read by method GET_MESSAGES.

The execution of each MWB-Object contains several steps:

- validation: Check the kind of execution and the authorization to execute the object

- lock: It is not possible to execute an MWB-Object simultaneously in different sessions. So each MWB-Object has to be locked before execute it. if it is already locked within another process a message log will be added and the next MWB-Object will be executed.

- execution: The MWB-Object will be executed. As the MWB-Object will be executed by the MWB, a RFC function module of the Migration Work Bench will be called. Errors that might occurs during the execution will be added to the message log.

- unlock: After the execution the MWB-Object will be unlocked for further execution in other sessions.

The following execution types are possible:

- define

- assign

- generate

- delete

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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