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To monitor work packages that are executed, an implementation of IF_CNV_FRM_WORKLOAD is used. That interface represents the model layer, which provides the work packages and work package handler. By calling the method ADD_WORKITEMS work packages can be added. To execute it, call method START.

In case of MWBGEN the class CL_CNV_OM_MWBGEN_HANDLER_UI will be used to monitor the started work packages.

The Migration Object Settings Job Monitor should be extended. It should be possible to display the PCL jobs that process Migration Objects, which belong to the same package as shown in the Migration Object Settings dialog. These Migration Object are already listed within the Migration Object Settings table but they are not marked as running.

Technical Approach

To provide those PCL jobs several steps are required:

1. Check, if the PCL activity that executes the Migration Objects is running. In case that it does not, no further activities are required.

2. If the PCL activity is active the jobs have to be read by already existing function modules.

3. Final the jobs have to be prepared for displaying within the Migration Object Settings Job Monitor.

Work Package Loader

In the previous version the Migration Object Settings Job Monitor was developed for displaying especially jobs of type CL_CNV_FRM_JOB. So it had to be abstracted to handle each job of type IF_CNV_FRM_JOB.

Furthermore the monitor should be prepared for further changes. An observation of other jobs or work packages should be easily implemented. To realize this requirement a work package loader IF_CNV_FRM_WORK_PACK_LOADEAR was established. It loads and reloads work packages of each type. The loader knows if there are work packages in process or if all work packages are final.

To provide a good extensibility, the Migration Object Settings Job Monitor should be only connected to one work package loader. But on the other hand the loader should be enabled to handle different types of other loaders. At this reason a work package loader pool CL_CNV_FRM_WORK_PACK_LOAD_POOL was created. It manages different types of work package loader, which can be added by method ADD_WORK_PACK_LOADER. As it can be also used in another context it is part of the CNV-Framework.

The work package loader for common jobs is CL_CNV_OM_MWBGEN_WP_LOAD_JOB, which works with jobs of type CL_CNV_FRM_JOB. Actually it had to be part of the CNV-Framework as well. But this loader is specialized for the MWBGEN. So each loaded work package will be cached. Each work package that was loaded once, is not allowed to be reset. In case that the reload will not find any work package to process, the existing work packages are still alive.

The work package loader for PCL jobs is CL_CNV_OM_MWBGEN_WP_LOAD_PCL, which works with PCL jobs. This loader uses existing PCL function modules to provide the jobs to be observe. E.g. CNV_MBT_STATE_GET to read the current execution details or CNV_MBT_SUBSTATE_GET to read details of each specific job.

As other MWBGEN work package loader, once loaded work packages are not allowed to be deleted or reset.

Each PCL job is handled as an instance of the new class CL_CNV_OM_MWBGEN_JOB_PCL. These instances will be created from the job loader.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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