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CL_CNV_OM_UI_CHG_OBJ_SETTINGS - Component to change object settings

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That component is used to change attributes from multiple MWB-Objects.

The component itself does not change any attribute that means it just shows the attribute to change. Finally by closing the component the changed values can be get from a context object by calling method GET_CONTEXT_OBJECT. The context object is from type CL_CNV_OM_CTX_OBJ_SETTINGS.

By showing the component each input field that represents an MWB-Object is empty. There is no algorithm to preset values. Each input field is combined with a checkbox. By activating the checkbox the input field gets active. On the other hand the input fields gets deactivated by deactivating the related checkbox. The checkbox events are handled in method ON_EVENT.

The dynpro that will be displayed from that component is 0103 in program SAPLCNV_OM_UI_MWBGENWB.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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