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CL_COM_PRD_UPG_SHLP - Upgrade Method

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This class, which is executed in the report COM_PRODUCT_UPGRADE, ensures that all those search helps required in the locator of the transaction COMMPR01 for product maintenance, exist after the transaction has been upgraded.

The following search helps are required in product maintenance:

Collective search help COM_PRWB_MAIN that includes the following search helps:

  • For each product type specific collective search help COM_PRWB_<product type> for all active product types in the system that contain the following elementary search helps:
  • An elementary search help COM_PRWB__GEN for a general search

  • An elementary search help COM_PRWB__CAT for searching in categories

  • An elementary search help for the alternative ID types whereby when an alternative ID profile is assigned to a product type, the corresponding product type-specific collective search help is assigned.

  • A cross-product type collective search help


This class qualifies the interface IF_COM_PRD_UPGRADE and can therefore be executed in the upgrade framework of product master (Report COM_PRODUCT_UPGRADE) if it is defined in the control table COMS_PR_UPGRADE.

The method CHECK_UPGRADE checks whether all search helps are correct.

When search helps are missing, or the assignment of collective search helps to elementary search helps is not correct, the method DO_UPGRADE rectifies this inconsistency.



Further information

Documentation on the report COM_PRODUCT_UPGRADE.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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