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CL_COND_MERGE_TABLES - Merge of Condition Tables

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Generates a "merge object" for a set of condition tables that can be identified either by their name or using a data reference. This object contains a data object (internal table!) that contains the data of all condition tables involved. The structure of the resulting data object contains, in addition to all components of the condition tables, the condition table number.

A merge object of this type can be used, for example, in displaying condition records from multiple condition tables. The method IS_COLUMN_NEEDED is specifically intended for display purposes. This method returns a truth value for the visibility of a column of the merge table.



After the instantiation using one of the two static methods (CREATE_BY_DATASOURCES or CREATE_BY_DATASOURCES), it is possible to use the public methods of the object.

You can choose to use buffering during the instantiation. Then, for the same set of condition tables, if there is an already existing instance for this, it can be re-used (data contained is thereby initialized) or one can be newly generated.


Note the following:

  • The data object of the merge table is not generated until it is needed (at the latest, after PUT_DATA). The class can thereby be used only for determining the structure (type object).
  • Although the data object is generated and referenced in this class, data changes outside the class are possible. If such a change is necessary, the DATA_CHANGED event should be triggered.
  • The result of the IS_COLUMN_NEEDED method is oriented to the current contents of the merge table. A column is needed only if at least one condition table exists for the column and the table contains the column as a component, for which data exists. On the other hand, if the column only appears in condition tables for which there is no data, then the column is not needed. It does not matter if the column contains initial values or not.

Further information

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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