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CL_CPE_FA_COND_DETERM_PROXY - proxy class for FA condition determination (deprecated)

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This is a 'proxy-class' which has only the function to pass through the calls to a implementing class for interface IF_CPE_FA_COND_DETERMINATION. That means every caller has to call the methods of this proxy, static calls of any implementing class have to be avoided.


The class itself or any interface parameter is strictly independent from any objects from AP, CRM or ERP.

But implementing classes in ERP or CRM, of course, can use e.g. AP condition technique.



Further information


Exactly one such implementing class must exist. Otherwise the class constructor raises a program termination.

With other words the functions behind the interface methods (perform condition determination, get relevant attributes) can only used in a ERP or in a CRM system (if there such a implementing class has been created).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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