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CL_CRM_FM_LRTP_PMDC_PRDCAT_CHG - Product category hierarchy change (structural)

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This class is responsible for,,:

  • Detecting changes for added product categories from history
  • Detecting changes for deleted product categories from history
  • Filtering the master data changes table to remove redundant changes. For example, a product category that was added and afterwards deleted is considered a redundant change.


The instance of this class is created in class cl_crm_fm_lrtp_pmdc_md_analyze~if_crm_fm_lrtp_pmc_md_chg~analyze_md_changes by calling a static method of a factory cl_crm_fm_lrtp_pmc_histmgr_fct=>build_history_analyzers.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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