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00188 - Problem using call 'SYSTEM' function to copy IFS files

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Problem using call 'SYSTEM' function to copy IFS files

Hi Group:

I am trying to execute an AS400 command from an ABAP program using
the call 'System' function. The command I am trying to execute is a
as400 cpy command to copy a file from one IFS directory to another
IFS directory. The IFS directories and the object in the IFS
directory have a primary group authorization named 'IXOS1'. I have
modified the instance user id PRD02 to be a member of the IXOS1
group. When I execute this abap program I see that an AS4RDIREXE job
is created on the AS400 and run. When I review the AS400 spool file
for this job I see that the call to QCMDEXC command failed but it
does not list any reason. The command that is executed is:

CALL QCMDEXC parm('cpy obj(''/gdsap/IXOT/PRD/upload/D0A243388.rwc'')
toobj(''/gdsap/IXOT/PRD/rwctest.txt'')' 84)

It appears that this job is submitted under the instance user id
PRD02. If I sign on to the AS400 as PRD02 and execute this exact
command from the command line then it works. I have spent a great
deal of time trying to get this to work but I have not had any luck.
This program is needed for our IXOS document management system.

Kind regards,

Russ Cook

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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