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00255 - 4.6C:SQL913 on D020L after maintenance?

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4.6C:SQL913 on D020L after maintenance?

Hi Jim,

I had the same problem after an upgrade from 3.1I to 4.6b last weekend.
Trying to change to Kernel 4.6D, 338, I had also the lock situation.
Regarding to OSS note 357330 I changed the WAITRCD parameter and a after a
restart all the locks were gone after a minute.

Beste Grüsse / best regards

Volker Fleischmann

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> Von: Jim Doll [SMTP:jdollZp...]
> Gesendet am: Montag, 8. Januar 2001 15:33
> An: SAP on System
> Betreff: 4.6C:SQL913 on D020L after maintenance?
> We applied Support Package 13 this weekend to our 4.6C development
> system. This morning, we're getting shortdumps indicating that we
> have record locks on D020L. Looks like the "deadly embrace": W/P 0
> waiting on a lock that W/P 1 has, but W/P 1 waiting on a lock that
> W/P 0 has.
> I remember having to delete D020L records using a CLRPFM command
> earlier, I believe on a particular kernel patch level and on one
> support package. Is this now something that should be done after
> every application of maintenance?
> Note 186531 says SGEN can be run after the deletion, but that takes
> days to run on our system.
> Anyone else seeing this problem or know of a resolution?
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