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00644 - SAP "logical system name" change in SCC4 when refreshing a system

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SAP "logical system name" change in SCC4 when refreshing a system

We're on 3.1H. We've seen this on a 4.6C copy, but potentially it could
occur on 3.1H as well:

When we copy PRD to TST, or to a 4.6C TST system, we always change the
"logical system name" on SCC4 from PRD010 to TST010 or Q46010. My
understanding is that the logical system name is a type of identifier of the
SAP system to an external interface.

I was recently contacted by our FI config person, who said that he couldn't
do a reversal of a document: he received "F5A135: Reversal of accounting
document not possible" on our copy of PRD. But if he looked on the system,
the document existed.

We eventually were given notes 317541 and 28958, indicating that our problem
was caused by changing the logical system name. The 28958 note indicates
that the solution is to run utility programs to change the logical system
name in several files.

I thought that I'd poll the group:
- do you change the logical file when you copy a system?
- if not, have you ever had troubles with external systems?
- if so, do you run such utility programs to clean up such errors?


Jim Doll, Perrigo

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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