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CCUCEI0A - Assigned Values Files and Object Characteristics

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The customer enhancement does not allow the storage of object characteristics.

The following situations exist without using this customer enhancement in the assigned values file:

The KMAT is valuated in the configuration. The characteristics are stored in the relevant storage space.

If, however, object characteristics are valuated and stored,the KMAT is ordered with another quantity in the same document, and the value assignment is taken from the assigned values file, the object characteristics are overwritten, and the wrong quantity (object characteristics from the assigned values file) is returned to the document.

This customer enhancement is used if no object characteristics should be taken from the value assignment file for the current valuation.


The export parameter OBJECT_CHAR_NO_LIBRARY in the function module exit_saplcei0_021 must be set.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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