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EHSHRP01 - EHS: Reports for Data Overviews and Reporting

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This enhancement enables you to access user-defined programs for person-related data overviews and reporting from the medical service. The standard system already includes appropriate programs that are based on a logical database.

This enhancement is particularly useful if you want to add a reporting option for the user-defined examination categories that you defined with enhancement EHSHEX01.

The enhancement is made up of a function module exit and a screen exit.


Enhancement EHSHRP01 contains the following components:

  • Screen exit:
  • SAPLXEHS00REPORTEXIT: A subscreen provides checkboxes for accessing the relevant user-defined programs.

  • Function module exit:
  • EXIT_SAPLEHS00AMBTAET_NEU_008: Depending on the personnel numbers imported and the checkboxes selected in the screen exit, the names and descriptions of the user-defined programs are passed in table form to the SAP program that starts this report.


To call additional programs, proceed as follows:

  1. Create your program in the customer namespace.
  2. Define a customer project for the SAP enhancement EHSHRP01.
  3. Use the screen exit to create a subscreen that contains the checkboxes required. The checkboxes must be defined globally in function group 'SAPLXEHS00REPORTEXIT'.
  4. Create an include in the function module exit in which you can use the imported personnel number and flagged checkboxes to return the names of your programs, as well as the list type (6 digits, the first of which must be a 'Y' or a 'Z', while the other five are freely definable), description, and number of database entries in table form to the calling SAP program.
  5. Activate your project.


For information on the procedure for using enhancements, call the enhancement transaction CMOD and choose Utilities ->Online Handbuch.

For more information, see BC - Basis → ABAP Workbench → BC - Changing the SAP Standard in the SAP Library, as well as the documentation on the individual function modules for this customer exit.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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