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With this SAP enhancement, you can define a function module with which you can filter out the parameters that are added to a report shipping order as detail data.

You can delete parameters under the following conditions:

  • In theory it is possible to delete all parameters that are transferred via the SD interface to report shipping.
  • You must, however, make sure that the parameters are not required for the further processing of the report shipping order. The parameters must therefore:
  • Not be used in user exits in report shipping

  • Not be required as symbol values for the report

(No symbols must exist in the report template for the respective parameter.)
  • Not be used for extended searches for report shipping orders (for example, parameters for SD document number, customer number)

  • Not be specified as a parameter to be saved in the IMG activity Specify Parameter Values to be Saved

By deleting the parameters before creating the report shipping orders, the memory capacity required for the report shipping orders can be reduced, thus improving performance when processing the orders.

If the customer exit is not maintained, the default setting is that all parameters are transferred to the report shipping order.

The enhancement includes the following interface parameters:

    Structure with the header data of the report shipping order (see structure CVDDH in DDIC)
    Table with the parameters (see structure CVDDP in DDIC)

To create the customer exit, the coding of the function module CVEA_PARAMS_FILTER_EXAMPLE from the function group CVEA can be used as a copy template. In this function module, all parameters are deleted that are no longer required for further processing of the report shipping order according to the EH&S standard coding. If you use the coding from this copy template or adapt it to your own needs, you should make sure that the above conditions have been fulfilled.

RFUMSV00 - Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases   CPI1466 during Backup  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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