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AMA0108 - E:Search name not appropriate. ( DCW )

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Message : AMA0108
E:Search name not appropriate.

Message Long Text :
The search name should be selected so that the user can find the address easily.
The search name &1 is considered not appropriate.
7=Appropriate word within brackets
6=First name as per Table T0006
5=Inappropriate as per Table Z10xx
4=Special capital/lowercase letters as per Table T0005
3=No search name as per Table T0008
2=Preposition as per Table A0507 or Title as per Table A0506
1=less than 3 places
0=Special character

Message File : AMSG
Library Message File : DCWL03

General Data in Customer Master   General Material Data  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

Length: 3223 Date: 20200405 Time: 215747     sap01-206 ( 22 ms )

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