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consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

/SCWM/SLFU - EWM Special Functions per Warehouse Number

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This authorization object enables you to protect functions in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) for each warehouse number.

The EWM system checks the object when the following transactions are called:

  • Difference Analyzer (transaction /SCWM/DIFF_ANALYZER) with value DA
  • Post Differences to ERP System (transaction /SCWM/WM_ADJUST) with value DA
  • Stock Adjust in Stock Comparison ERP (transaction /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK) with value SA
  • Display Differences in Stock Comparison ERP (transaction /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK) with value SD
  • Determine and Set Prices from ERP (transaction /SCWM/VALUATION_SET) with value VC
  • Cancel Picking (transaction /SCWM/CANCPICK) with value RP
  • SOA Service for reading organizational structures (LogisticsArea) of the warehouse with the value GL
  • Generation of Edges for Storage Types (transaction /SCWM/TDC_NET) with value TD
  • Unplanned Goods Issue (transaction /SCWM/ADGI) with values G1, G2, G3, G4
  • Stock Data Transfer (transaction /SCWM/ISU) with value IS
  • Maintain Consolidation Group (transaction /SCWM/DSGR) with value DS
  • Create Preconfigured Master Data (transaction /SCWM/PRC_MD) with value MP
  • Reversal of HU Receipt from Production (transaction /SCWM/MON or in API) with value RH
  • Raise alerts or delete protocols of raised alerts for message queues (reports /SCWM/R_QRFC_QUEUE_ALERT or /SCWM/R_QRFC_DELETE_ALERT) with value AL
  • In Transit Warehousing applications Process Single Freight Order, Process Freight Orders, Prepare Loading or Unloading, or Handling-Unit Stock List upon changing air cargo security information of HUs with value AC
  • Raise alerts (reports /SCWM/RP_COMPLIANCE_CHECK or /SCWM/RP_LICENCE_ANALYSIS) with value LA
  • Change the Stock Type of Expired Stock Items via Report (report /SCWM/R_STOCK_TYPE_CHANGE) with value SI
  • Prepare Stock Consolidation of Partial Stock Quantities (transaction /SCWM/STOCK_CONS or report /SCWM/R_STOCK_CONS) with value SC
  • Upload Processors (transaction /SCWM/PRR_UPLOAD) with value PR
  • Depending on scenario /SCWM/SHOW_PROCESSOR for switchable authorization checks with value SP, processor information is shown in the following transactions:
  • Warehouse Management Monitor (transaction /SCWM/MON)

  • Confirm Warehouse Task (transaction /SCWM/TO_CONF)

  • Indirect Labor Task (transaction /SCWM/ILT)

  • Maintain VAS (transactions /SCWM/VAS_*)

  • Executed Workload Analysis and Standard Time Simulation user interfaces

  • Delete BUTSORT (SORT Details of Business Partners for each Application) used for Business Partner EOP check with value DP

Defined fields

  • RP - Cancel Picked Stock
  • DA - Post Differences
  • VC - Create/Change Prices
  • SA - Stock Comparison: Stock Adjust
  • SD - Stock Comparison: Display Differences
  • GL - Graphical Warehouse Layout
  • TD - Network Generation for Travel Distance Calculation
  • G1 - Unplanned Scrapping
  • G2- Unplanned Sampling
  • G3 - Stock Correction
  • G4 - Goods Issue to Non-EWM Warehouse
  • IS - Initial Stock Upload
  • DS - Maintain Consolidation Group
  • MP - Creation of Master Data for Preconfigured Warehouse
  • RH- Reversal of HU Receipt from Production
  • AL- Raising Alerts/Deleting Alert Protocols for Message Queues
  • AC- Change Air Cargo Security Status for HUs in Transit Whse
  • LA- License Auditing
  • SI- Stock Type Change
  • SC- Stock Consolidation
  • PR - Processor Upload
  • SP- Show Processor Information
  • DP - Delete BUTSORT data

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

BAL_S_LOG - Application Log: Log header data   rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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