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/PMG/MPO - Authorization Object for Master Policy Business Process

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This authorization object is integrated into all existing master policy business processes to control to restrict the usage based on authorization criteria.

The authorization is included for Policy business processes, such as, Change Policy/ Universal Change Policy/ Policy Inquiry/ Reset Policy/ Reverse Policy, to change representation policies and mass change.

The authorization will be performed based on the business process being executed and the authorization group the master policy belongs to.

Defined fields

Business Process /PM0/BPRC

The business process which is being executed by the user is one of the parameters subjected to the authorization check.

For e.g., Business process could be GD for Display Master Policy, GM for Change Master Policy, A for Change Policy, D for Policy Inquiry etc.

Authorization Group ID /PMG/MPGRP

Authorization Group ID is an attribute introduced in Master Policy root entity templates. This will contain values customized by the user. The user can enter a generic value that is representative of the master policy type or the LOB to which the master policy belongs to.

For e.g., GLL - For Life LOB Group, GBS - For Basis LOB Group, GGI - For Group Insurance Master Policies etc.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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