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AI_LMDB_AD - Authorization Object for Administration Tasks in LMDB

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The Landscape Management Database (LMDB) is the central information repository for your system landscape, based on the standard Common Information Model (CIM).

The authorization object AI_LMDB_ADdefines LMDB administration authorization.

For authorization checks of individual LMDB objects, see Authorization for LMDB Objects (AI_LMDB_OB).

Defined fields

The authorization object AI_LMDB_AD has the following fields:

  • ACTVT: The activity field defines general access authorization of the user to the object.
  • LMDB_DOMA: This field defines the LMDB domains to which the user should have access. Currently only the domain ldb(Landscape Management Database) is available.
  • LMDB_NAMES: The LMDB namespace field defines the namespaces to which the user should have access. The possible namespace values depend on the namespaces available in the local LMDB and on the selected LMDB domains. A Solution Manager System usually has only one namespace, <'active'>.

The authorizations of all fields are maintained by authorization maintenance UIs. Use the field input help to maintain the authorizations.

Integration of the Checks in SAP Solution Manager

The authorization checks are integrated for example into the following UIs:

  • LMDB Administration UI (transaction LMDB_ADM).
  • LMDB Technical System Editor (transaction LMDB)
  • ...

Following activities are checked in the SAP Solution Manager applications:

Create (Activity 01) and Delete (Activity 06)

Related operations are the creation/deletion of CIM instances and associations in the LMDB UIs.
This authorization is critical since the operations are executed on a very low level (comparable to table maintenance in ABAP transaction SE16). The system has only limited capability for automatic consistency checks of the changes, so only experienced expert users should be allowed this authorization.

Change (Activity 02)

The LMDB UIs (for example the Technical System Editor) allow direct maintenance of the most important attributes of the relevant objects. The UI cannot show all attributes directly, since this would overload it, but in rare cases, special attributes have to be maintained manually by a user.
The change authorization allows the change of any CIM instance property using the generic detail screens of the LMDB UIs.

Display (Activity 03)

The related operation in the LMDB is to display all CIM instances and associations. This includes navigation between CIM instances in the associations tab of the generic detail screens of the LMDB UIs.

The activity is also checked during the start of the LMDB Administration UI. If the check fails, a user is not allowed to use the LMDB Administration UI.

Administration (Activity 70)

The related operation for the activity is the administration of LMDB namespaces (Especially creation and deletion of namespaces).

This authorization is explicitly notrequired to set up the LMDB content synchronization in Solution Manager Setup - ABAP transaction SOLMAN_SETUP.

An SAP Solution Manager system usually only has one default namespace, <'active'>. This namespace is created automatically by the system, so the administration activity is only required in rare cases.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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