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CRMDSMAGRS - Authorization object for DSM Agreement status change

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This authorization object allows you to restrict whether users can perform the following actions for agreements in Demand Side Management (DSM):

  • Change the status
  • Create
  • Change
  • Display
  • Delete
  • Change the incentive amount for fixed incentives
  • Change the goal contribution amount for fixed goal contributions
You must also grant users authorization to process the business object Application. You can do this using authorization object CRM_DSMAGR.

Defined fields

ACTVT (Activity)

This field defines the activities users can perform. These include the following:

  • 01: Create (Open)
  • 02: Change
  • 03: Display
  • 06: Delete
  • D5: Process
  • 43: Release
  • 96: Reject
  • D6: Cancel
  • D8: Complete
  • D4: Fulfill
  • D9: Finish
  • DG: Change Goal Contribution
  • DI: Change Incentive

Status Change Authorization

The following Activity field values grant authorization for specific status changes to the agreement header, measure, or incentive items:

  • Create (Open)
  • Process
  • Release
  • Reject
  • Cancel
  • Complete
  • Fulfill
  • Finish

Additional Authorization Check for Business Transactions

The Activity field values listed below grant authorization for agreements if you have activated BAdI implementation CRM_DSM_BT_AUTH_CHK in BAdI Authorization Check: CRM Business Transaction (CRM_ORDER_AUTH_CHECK):

  • Create
  • Change
  • Display
  • Delete

This is an additional check to the standard authorization checks for business transactions. Activate this BAdI implementation, for example, if you want to restrict the access to perform one of the activities listed above to users in an authorization group that is assigned to a specific program.

This BAdI implementation is inactive by default.

Goal Contribution and Incentive Authorization

The following Activity field values grant authorization to make changes in the agreement to goal contributions or incentives that are defined as fixed in the program:

  • Change Goal Contribution
  • Change Incentive

CRM_DSM_AG (Authorization Group)

This field defines the authorization groups associated with the DSM Program Manager role (SAP_CRM_UIU_UTIL_DSM_PROG_MGR).

Association with an authorization group determines the programs for which the users can change the status or create, change, display, or delete agreements. Programs are associated with authorization groups through the program profile. For more information, see Customizing activity Define Program Profile.

If this field includes the authorization group associated with a program, based on the activities allowed, users associated with this role can change the status of, create, change, display, or delete agreements for the program.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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