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CRM_AUTHSC - Authorization Scope

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This authorization object allows the assignment of authorizations based on the concept of Authorization Domains and Scopes for the objects that support this concept.

An Authorization Domain represents one or more possible object types. Each object type that uses this concept has their own way of determining the corresponding Authorization Domain. The value of this field is either stored in an object or a fixed link is established, e.g. through customizing.
Example: For business transactions the customizing of the transaction type specifies the Authorization Domain that is assigned to the transaction type. If the field is empty, then no authorization check is conducted for Authorization Domain and Scope.

Authorization Scopes represent the possible values for each Authorization Domain. Each object that uses this concept has a field "Authorization Scope" to set the value for the object from the list of possible values. This value may typically change during the lifetime of an object.

In SAP's default customizing the transaction type KNAR (Knowledge Article) refers to Authorization Domain KNOWLEDGEARTICLE, which has the predefined Authorization Scopes "Public", "Internal" and "Confidential". Users can set the value of the field Authorization Scope in the Knowledge Article details. from this list of Authorization Scopes.
A user that has only authorization for Authorization Scope "Public" would not be able to access Knowledge Articles that have the Authorization Scope set to "Internal" or "Confidential".
It is possible to define different access levels via the "Activity" parameter, e.g. a user may be authorized to display "Internal" Knowledge Articles, but may not be allowed to change or delete them.

Defined fields

  • Activity
Defines the permitted activities:
  • 01 = Create

  • 02 = Change

  • 03 = Display

  • 06 = Delete

  • Authorization Domain
Defines the permitted Authorization Domains. Possible values come from view cluster CRMVC_AUTH_SCP.
  • Authorization Scope
This defines the allowed Authorization Scopes. Possible values come from view cluster CRMVC_AUTH_SCP.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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