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CRM_MW_DC - CRM Middleware: Data Collector/Extractor

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Authorization object for Data Collector/Extractor.

This object manages the authorizations for creating and deleting Data Collector sites, for assignment of Data Collectors to physical sites (e.g. Mobile Clients), for assignment to subsciptions, and for maintenance and execution of the Data Extraction process.

Note: To create, delete, and assign Data Collectors to subscriptions, additionally the corresponding authorizations of the Administration Console are required (see Authorization Object CRM_MW_AC). Furthermore it is recommended to harmonize the Data Collector authorizations with the authorizations for maintenance of Replication and Realignment (see Authorization Object CRM_MW_RR).

Defined fields

  • ACTVT:
Defined the authorized activities for Data Collection/Extraction
  • 01 Create

Authorization to create new Data Collectors. Requires additionally the authorization to create sites in the Administration Console. Includes the authorization to define extraction point of time and extraction periodicity for the Data Collector. However, if authorization activity 16 'Execute' is missing, only extractors in status HOLD can be created.
  • 03 Display

Authorization to display Data Collectors, both in Administration Console (SMOEAC) and in the Data Collector/Extractor overview (SMOJDC). The display in the Administration Console additionally requires the general authorization to display the object type site.
  • 06 Delete

Authorization to delete Data Collectors. Deletion process triggers removal messages for all asigned receivers. Prerequisite: Authorization to delete sites in the Administration console.
  • 16 Execute

Authorization to release and hold Data Extractors in the Data Collector/Extractor overview, to change the extraction time and periodicity in Administration Console, and to start manual extraction processes.
Note: Automatic data extraction requires a running Queue Demon. Authorization for Queue Demon maintenance in the Data Collector/Extractor overview is taken from the Replication and Realignment Queue Administration authorization definitions.
  • 22 Include, Assign

Authorization to assign Data Collectors to physical sites in the Administration console. Authorization to subscriptions is additionally governed by the Administration Console authorization to assign subscriptions.
  • 36 Extended maintenance

For restricted group of users only. Includes authorization to manipulate list of data to be extracted, etc.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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