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CRM_SSCCAT - Categorization Authorization Object for SSC

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This authorization object is used to determine the authorization to process service requests in an Employee Interaction Center (EIC) .

Defined fields

The decision fields of this authorization object include the following:

  • Allowed activity (ACTVT)
  • Create (01)

  • Modify(02)

  • Read (03)

  • Delete (06)

  • All(*)

Note: The authorization for Create and Modify also allows Read. However, the authorization for Create does not grant the authorization for Modify.

  • Service request base category (SSC_CATG)
  • Service request sub-category 1 (SSC_SCAT1)
  • Service request sub-category 2 (SSC_SCAT2)
  • Service request sub-category 3 (SSC_SCAT3)
  • Service request sub-category 4 (SSC_SCAT4)

Category ID values for the decision fields as listed above are selected as follows:

  1. Start CRM WebClient
  2. Choose business role IC Manager (IC_MANAGER)
  3. Choose Knowledge Management -> Categorization Schemas
  4. For Application ID select Service Request/Incident and choose Search
  5. Choose an active Schema ID
  6. Choose a category ID for the decision fields based on a category level

Value * indicates no restriction.

Note: Activate the BAdI implementation CRM_SSC_AUTH_CAT_ORG of BAdI CRM_ORDER_AUTH_CHECK to perform the authorization check.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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