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C_APO_ATP - APO Authorization Object: ATP

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Authorization object C_APO_ATP controls authorization checks for protected objects within Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP). The fields ATP_AREA and ACTVT, which are used for this, are described below. Other authorization checks are made within the Global ATP transactions.

Defined fields

The ATP_AREA field specifies the area that is to be checked within Global ATP. The following values are possible:
  • 0,,ATP: Minimum ATP Authorization

  • 1,,Global ATP (BAPI)

  • 2,,Temporary Quantity Assignments

  • 3,,Product Availability

  • 4,,Forecast

  • 5,,Product Allocations

  • 6,,Explanation and Simulation

  • 7,,Settings: General

  • 8,,Settings: Product Allocations

  • 9,,Settings: RBA - Master Data

  • A,,Settings: RBA - Customizing

  • B,,BOPI Master

  • C,,Application Log

  • D,,ATP Tree Structures

  • O,,Order Due List

  • P,,ProductAvailabilityRequirement / ProductAvailabilityPreselection

  • Q,,Event-Driven Quantity Assignment

  • R,,Reorganization of Database and/or SAP liveCache

  • S,,Safety Stock Generation

  • T,,Scheduling

  • P,,ProductAvailabilityRequirement / ProductAvailabilityPreselection

  • J,,CustomerRequirement

You use the ACTVT authorization field in area ATP_AREA to specify exactly what is to be allowed. The input help for the ACTVT field has been aligned to the authorization requirements for authorization object C_APO_ATP. The following values are possible:
  • 01,,Add or Generate

  • 02,,Change

  • 03,,Display

  • 04,,Print, Process Messages

  • 06,,Delete

  • 16,,Execute

  • 39,,Check

You wish the authorization checks using authorization object C_APO_ATP to be made during deletion of a transaction's temporary quantity assignments. The system uses authorization object C_APO_ATP with fields APO_ATP_AR = 2 and ACTVT = 06 to do this.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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