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C_APO_RLGI - Authoriz. Obj. SCM 4.15: Maintain RLG Table (InfoProv)

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The authorization object C_APO_RLGI is used in demand realignment (transaction /SAPAPO/PDEM_RLGSTEP). It provides a differentiated authorization maintenance. The authorization object C_APO_RLGI allows authorizations to be maintained specifically for specific activities, depending on the selected InfoProvider. Examples of these activities might be the creation of new realignment steps or the execution of realignment, and so on.

Defined fields

The RSINFOPROV and ACTVT fields are available for the maintenance of the authorization object C_APO_RLGI.

The RSINFOPROV field defines the InfoProvider for which the user is allowed to execute the activities maintained in ACTVT.

The following activities can be selected for the ACTVT field:

  • 01 (Add or Create): This activity allows new realignment steps to be added in the realignment table.
  • 02 (Change): Changes to existing realignment steps.
  • 03 (Display): Display of realignment steps (for example, using the log function). In general, this activity should always be selected if you want a user to be given authorizations.
  • 06 (Delete): Authorization to delete realignment steps from the realignment table.
  • 07 (Activate, Create): This activity allows the realignment table to be created for a specific planning object structure. On creation of a new realignment table, the old realignment table is deleted along with all the realignment steps it contains.
  • 16 (Execute): Authorization to execute realignment.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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