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C_CREC_WRK - PP-PI: Control Recipe - Plant

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You can use this authorization object to restrict the user's authorization to maintain control recipes in a plant.

The authorization is checked:

  • When control recipes are created in the process order
  • When a user accesses the control recipe monitor

When you send control recipes using report RCOCB006, no checks are carried out.

The following table contains the fields of the authorization object and their respective values:

Activity01Create/send control recipes
03Display control recipes/
 Call up the control recipe monitor
06Delete control recipes
PlantPlant in which the activity can be carried out


When the user displays or deletes a control recipe, the system also checks whether the user has the authorization to display or delete the corresponding log. This authorization is maintained using the authorization object S_APPL_LOG Application log. The application log object for control recipes is called COCR.


User A may create and display control recipes in plant 0001 but is not allowed to delete them.
The user has the following authorization:

  • Activity: 01, 03
  • Plant: 0001

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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