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C_KLAH_BKP - Authorization for Class Maintenance

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Classification: authorization to maintain classes (C_KLAH_BKP)

This controls the authorization of a user to maintain a class.

This check is made in the following class maintenance functions:

  • Create class
  • Display class
  • Change class
  • Delete class

You can use the Class maintenance authorization group to restrict access to certain classes.
When you create or change a class, you can enter an authorization group for editing or displaying the class. A user can only maintain or display the class if the user master record contains the authorization group you enter.


Field Values
Bgrkp 030
Actvt 01 - 03

In this example, the user is only allowed to create, change, or display classes with the authorization group 030. The user cannot delete a class with group 030. The user cannot edit a class with a different group using the mentioned activities.

Defined fields

FieldPossible Values Meaning
BgrkpAAA-999, 000-999 Class maintenance authorization group
Actvt01 Create
(Activity)02 Change
03 Display
F4 Read value help
06 Delete
If the user has Display authorization (03), this includes the authorization to read value help.

In the class list functions, the authorization to display (03) is checked for each class.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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