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C_PRPS_VNR - PS: Project Manager Authorization for WBS elements

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You can use this authorization object to control who has access to the WBS elements in the Project System depending on the person responsible for the project ("project manager").

The system checks the authorization:

  • during maintenance (editing transactions)
  • during display

Defined fields

The authorization object contains the following fields:

  • Number for the person responsible for WBS elements
  • Action

The following values have been defined for the actions:

  • 01: Create

  • 02: Change

  • 03: Display

  • 20: Enter actual dates

  • 21: Time scheduling

  • 22: Display dates

  • 23: Plan costs

  • 24: Display costs and vendor payments

  • 25: Plan revenues

  • 26: Display revenues and customer payments

  • 27: Create budget

  • 28: Display budget

  • 41: Assign PS text

  • 45: Change project number

The field for person responsible has eight places. Enter a number for the person responsible with leading zeros. For example, for person responsible 23: "00000023".


User A may change WBS element L-400/10, that is assigned to project manager D002852 as well as plan dates and costs for it. Relevant authorizations:

  • Project manager number: D002852
  • Actions: 02, 21, 23

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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