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consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

C_SHES_TVH - Specification Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec.

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With the authorization object C_SHES_TVH, you specify whether a user has authorization to create, change, or display detailed data about a specification.

A user can display or change a value assignment if he or she has authorization for at least one usage of the value assignment.

Exceptions With the help of the environment parameter CHANGE_AUTH_USAGE, any user can view all value assignments, regardless of his or her authorizations in the object C_SHES_TVH.

This authorization object is checked when editing:

  • Header data
  • Restrictions
  • Inheritance relationships
  • Specification value assignments
  • Identifiers
  • Material-specification assignments
  • Reference specifications

The activities insert, paste, delete, display, and change are also checked.

Defined fields

The following table lists the fields of the authorization object with their respective values:

FieldField NamePossible ValuesMeaning
ACTVCActivity02Creating, changing, and deleting of identifiers, material assignments, reference specifications, and value assignments
ESEAUTHGRPAuthorization GroupSpecify Authorization Groups
ESEESTCATValue Assignment TypeSpecify Value Assignment Types
ESEVACLIDValidity AreaSpecify Validity Areas
ESERVLIDRatingSpecify Ratings


Note about the fields ESERVLID and ESEVACLID: To be able to display an object, you require display authorization (activity 03) for at least one usage of the object. To be able to edit it, you require change authorization (activity 02) for all usages of the object.

Note about the field ESEESTCAT: When assigning display authorization (activity 03) for specific nodes in the property tree, you must also take the higher-level nodes into account.

You assign authorizations for editing identifiers, material assignments, reference assignments, specification headers, or status assignments by entering the key of the corresponding value assignment type in the Value assignment type field using the input help.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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