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consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

DAM_ASSET - Access to LOIO/PHIO, generic props.: table CRMC_DAM_AC_LOIO

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Authorization requirements of a LOIO: The user has to be authorised by its

activity type and some of its properties from the SAP class system.

Defined fields

For SAP's standard authorization field ACTVT, please only use the following

values (from TACT)

01,,Create or generate



A3,,Change status (document status)

AC,,Change security status


AE,,Change own

AF,,Change flag "sellable"


The values 01, 02 and 03 apply to LOIO and its PHIOS. The activities A3 and AC

grant the authorization to change the document status respectively the security status of all PHIOs the LOIO

contains. The value AD grants authorization to stream assets like videos etc. DL grants authorization to download the asset.

The value AE is only applied on the users own assets. The user is authorized to change those assets created by himself, e.g. immediately after uploading. In the My Staging Area, he sees all his own assets that are still initial, from there he can enter the Asset Qualification. From the diverse Search functionalities, he can change own assets he is able to find by his Display (03) activity.

The value AF grants the authorization to change the flag "sellable" of an asset.. If it is not set, it is offered to be used without charge. If the sellable flag is set, a product will be generated that corresponds to the effective version of the asset.

From LOIO the field DAMDOCTYPE (document type) is derived. All possible values are maintained in the table CRMD_DAM_DTYPE_T.

In order to gain a generic approach, this authorisation object avails

the generic fieldnames PROPERTYx. In the SAP class system (transactions

CT04 and CL02), the attributes, for example REGION, SECTOR and

DOCUMENT_TYPE, for those fields are defined.

In customizing table CRMDAMC_AUTHLOIO the attributes are mapped to the

PROPERTY_1 to PROPERTY_5 fields, e.g.



Not all fields must be mapped. In profile maintenance of transaction PFCG, the empty value '' must be filled into the non-mapped fields.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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