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consolut Authorization for SAP
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D_SOLMANBU - Solution Manager - Authorization for Session Type

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The authorization object D_SOLMANBU controls the allowed activities for each session (BundleID), for the scenario Solution Monitoring. This comprises the areas:

  • EarlyWatch Alert (Setup and Operation)
  • Service Level Reporting (Setup and Operation)
  • System Monitoring (Setup)
  • Business Process Monitoring (Setup and Operation)
  • Central System Administration (Setup and Operation)

The authorization object is in the Solution Monitoring Roles.

Defined fields

Field DSWPBUNDLE contains the BundleID

Field DSWPBUNDAC contains the actions from domain DSWPBUNDLEACTIVITY:

  • 01 Display

  • 02 Change


Each session type is identified by a BundleID. You can get the BundleID for a session type as follows:

  1. Open the relevant session im the Solution Manager (Solution_Manager).
  2. Choose: Goto.
  3. choose Technical Information.
The BundleID is in the field Session Package/Version.


The authorization object D_SOL_VIEW controls access to the areas (Operations Setup or Operations).


You want to restrict access to the Self-Service SAP EarlyWatch Health Check. SAP delivers no default role for this session.

Copy the role SAP_OP_DSWP, and give the authorization object D_SOLMANBU the BundleID EW_SELF.

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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