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D_SOL_VSBL - Solution Manager - Visibility of Solutions

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Authorization object D_SOL_VSBL controls access to the solution landscapes defined in Solution Manager, using a solution identification number, the solution ID.

Defined fields

SOLUTION - ID of your solution in Solution Manager

ACTVT - Allowed activities in the SOLUTION_MANAGER transaction

From Support Package Stack 15 the following activities are available, in addition to the existing activity Display:

  • Create
  • Change
  • Delete


This authorization is in the following roles (from Support Package Stack 15):

  • SAP_SM_SOLUTION_ALL (full authorization)
  • SAP_SM_SOLUTION_DIS (display authorization)


  1. Choose the ID of the solution to which results are to be restricted. To find the solution ID:
    1. Choose the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.
    2. Go to the solution overview.
    3. Choose the menu: Goto → Technical Information.
Here are the IDs of all solutions.
  1. Copy a solution ID, and put it in the SOLUTION field in the authorization object.


  • You want user A to see all solutions 1 and 2, but user B only solution 1.

Restrict authorization object D_SOL_VSBL to solution (ID) 1 for user B.

  • You want a user to only be able to use solution 1, but be able to display all other solutions 2-10.
Create the object twice in the role:
  • with full authorization for solution 1 (solution ID for 1)

  • with display authorization for all other solutions

consolut Authorization for SAP
Easy Authorization Management for SAP

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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