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Accounting and Supervisory Reporting for Russia (New) ( RELN/GSINS/AR_FSCD_01 )

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Accounting and Supervisory Reporting for Russia (New)


As of SAP Insurance Localization for Russia 6.0, all the insurance enterprises must prepare accounting and supervisory reports and submit them to the federal and regional tax or insurance supervisory authorities. You must submit the forms annually or regularly, depending on the type of the form.

The official format of the forms and the process of submission are stipulated by the Ministry of Finance in Russia.

The new insurance product enables you to meet the legal requirements in Russia and collect the relevant data for the eleven statutory forms. You can fill out the printed format of each statutory form manually and then submit them to the relevant authorities.

You are required to use the following forms for accounting and supervisory reporting:

  • Statutory forms for accounting reporting: Forms 1-5
  • Statutory forms for supervisory reporting: Forms 6-11

The new insurance product also enables you to enhance or replace your existing structure by activating an additional accounting assignment with the help of the Additional Account Assignment Installation program.

Effects on Existing Data

Retroactive changes can lead to inconsistencies in the account assignment information, and the system is unable to process the data correctly. Change these settings is possible, but not if documents have already been posted with the additional account assignments.

Notes on Enhanced AAAI Storage

If you have activated enhanced AAAI storage, you must regenerate the additional account assignments before posting documents. If enhanced AAAI storage is active and documents have already been posted with additional account assignments for insurance, changes to the AAAI fields also lead to database conversion.

If you have to make retroactive changes to the AAAI fields (for the previous function and for enhanced storage), take note of the technical prerequisites and contact technical support, if necessary.

If you already have a structure for account assignments, you must activate the additional fields again. You can replace your existing structure or enhance it with the new structure that SAP delivers.

Effects on Data Transfer

A BC Set will be delivered.

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

To control the posting of financial transactions to the correct general ledger (G/L) accounts, you must activate the use of additional account assignments and make the following settings in Customizing for SAP Insurance, by choosing Collections/Disbursements → Basic Functions →

  • Additional Account Assignments for Insurance → Customer-Specific Additional Account Assignments for Insurance →Include for Extended AAAI Storage and create a customer include by following the instructions described in its documentation

To generate customer-specific additional account assignments, you must execute the Install Additional Account Assignments (Russia) program. The program checks whether you have made the AAAI activation correctly, and it enables you to replace or enhance your existing structure with the new structure the insurance product offers you. To access the program, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose SAP Insurance → Russia → Accounting Reporting → Additional Account Assignment Installation.

You are required to install the /CEEIS/RU table group for the FI-SL system in Customizing, by choosing Accounting → Financial Accounting (New) → Special Purpose Ledger → Basic Settings → Tables → Definition →Define Table Group. Enter the name of the table group (/CEEIS_RU) and choose Install.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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