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Parallel processing with summarization ( RELN30F_COPC_VERDICHT1 )

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Parallel processing with summarization


From 3.0F onwards it is possible to summarize order and project hierarchies on multiple servers in parallel. Parallel processing reduces runtimes because different nodes are processed simultaneously on different servers.

The performance depends on the number of tasks and the number of nodes per task.

Since parallel processing has high resource requirements, you should not activate it online except for test purposes with a limited number of tasks.

Damage caused to data by errors

Software/hardware requirements

Installation information

Effects on System Administration

The server group determines the servers on which the summarization run is executed. To create server groups, choose Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Network -> RFC destinations -> RFC -> RFC groups

Effects on Customizing

Effect on batch input

Changes to the Interface

To activate parallel processing, press the Parallel Processing button. Enter the appropriate parameters in the dialog box.

Changes in procedure

Procedure for removing dataset errors

Dependent functions


Further notes

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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