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Comparison of Itemizations ( RELN46A_COPC_PCP_ENW )

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Comparison of Itemizations

Scope of Functions

In the 'Object Comparisons' category of the Information System there is now, in addition to the cost component and cost element comparison reports, a further report with which you can compare the itemizations of two material cost estimates.

You can base the report on various attributes, such as the item category, cost element, material, operation number, BOM item and cost component.

You can also show various other fields, such as the quantity and unit of measure, differences and scrap quantities.

Using the ABAP List Viewer (ALV), you can adapt the list to your requirements and thus define your own reports.

There are various display variants, such as:

  • 1SAP01 (item category)
  • 1SAP02 (cost component/cost element)

You can access this report in the Product Cost Planning menu by choosing

  • Information System -> Report Selection -> Object Comparisons -> For Material -> Material vs Material -> Itemization

Enter the data for both the material cost estimates to be compared, and execute the report.

If you want to use another material cost estimate, you have to leave thereport and call up the function again, in order to enter your selection criteria.
  • Material Costing -> Cost Estimate with/without Quantity Structure -> Comparison

You can also enter the data of two material cost estimates to be compared in this screen, and execute the report.

As opposed to the above Information System report, you can change the selection criteria directly in the report, without having to leave the report and call it up again. You enter the new selection criteria and execute the report, which is updated automatically.

Effects on Existing Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

Further Information

For further information, see the Product Cost Controlling Information System section in the R/3 Library.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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