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Absence Evaluation & Payment Schemes (OSP & OMP) ( RELN46C_PY_IE_OSP )

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Absence Evaluation & Payment Schemes (OSP & OMP)


This functionality allows the maintenance, application and monitoring of a customer's absence scheme using standard customising, absence entry, reporting, and payroll.

(Until now absence could only be paid at a single rate of payment directly related to the Absence Subtype. If the rate of payment should need to change because the employee has "used" their entitlement to that rate of payment then the old absence had to be delimited and a new Absence Subtype used to derive a new single rate of payment.)


The infotype Absences (2001) has had screen 2008 amended to display the text description of the Scheme that the employee is attached to on the first day of the absence.

Two new Push Buttons have been added to screen 2008 to show "Entitlements Left" on the first day of the absence and "Absence Breakdown" to show how the absence will be paid when it is run through payroll.

The absence record is checked against the employee's data and the employee's scheme rules when the data is 'saved'. Any errors will NOT allow the data to be 'saved'. Any warnings will be displayed and the data can be 'saved'. Also if an employee changes from one payment band to a different payment band during the absence a warning message is displayed for each band change that will occur.

The absence history necessary to perform the processes above is automatically generated. The payroll results will store sufficient history up to the end of the last payroll that has been run for this employee. The amount of history generated for each absence record depends on the employee's Personal Calendar Date, Personal Retroactive Payroll Calculation Date and the absence start date.

Overriding Entitlements

The scheme rules set up in the IMG can be overridden at employee 'level' using the new Absence Evaluation Scheme Override Infotype Absence Scheme Override(0572). This allows a completely new scheme to be assigned to a single person or the 'entitlements' of their current scheme to Extended or Reduced.


There are three new reports that are available in the Per Payroll Period OSP Menu, Entitlements Left, Absence History and Scheme Overview. The last is available as a Push Button in the Scheme Rules Creation View and the first two are exactly the same functionality as the Push Buttons in the Absence infotype Absences (2001). Any necessary history is generated as before.


IE-specific payroll function IENAB (amended copy of XNAB). The International Payroll functions RAB called BEFORE IENAB and PAB called after IENAB have not been changed.

Effects on Existing Data

Manual splitting of absences, according to each customer's 'Bespoke' report run prior to the absence entry, will remain unaffected. The Absence Subtypes can still be customised to pay the necessary Entitlement Band's payment percentage in payroll (Full or Half pay) and no changes need to take place.

The new functionality allows clients to AUTOMATICALLY have their employees move to a lower payment band according to the client's scheme rules, the old functionality required MANUAL intervention for this to happen.

Effects on Data Transfer

The new structure 'COVER', in the Payroll Cluster, contains ALL the historical information of how an employee has received entitlements for all the employee's absences that are covered by their employer's Absence Evaluation Scheme.

The initial upload of data into this structure, performed at 'Go-Live' is reliant on sufficient historical data being available in Absence History (Infotype 2001).

Effects on System Administration

If you do wish to use this functionality, then no changes are necessary, unless you are using screen 2008 for any of your Absence Subtypes. In that case, switch of Absence Entry Checking (IMG) and hide the two buttons (View V_T558M module pool MP200000).

If you do not wish to use this functionality, then the scheme customising MUST be set up in the IMG, the payroll customising MUST be set up in the IMG and sufficient Absence History ( and therefore Start Date etc) must be loaded and processed through the "Go-Live" report in the IMG (so that "used" entitlements can be check for correctly).

Effects on Customizing

See the related section in the IMG.

However, the following MUST be taken into account. The standard customising released by SAP is set up to perform absence payment by PART PERIOD FACTORING. The customising of ALL the standard Valuation Rules that are used MUST be amended (Table T554C) if you wish absence payment by FIXED RATES.

The customising of the Absence Scheme allows you to set up the following;

Absences Schemes

,,Part Time pro-rating of Full Time Entitlements
,,Part Day Processing Options
,,Entitlement Unit Definition for Shift Workers
,,Default Nil Pay Processing
,,Absence Rules based on Seniority and/or Age.
,,,,Entitlement Bands receiving
,,,,,,ANY Entitlement Amount ,,(checked for used entitlements)
,,,,,,ANY Absence Grouping ,,(checked for used entitlements)
,,,,,,ANY Payment Band ,,(checked for used entitlements)
,,,,,,ANY Reference Period ,,(checked for used entitlements)
,,,,,,ANY Qualifying Days,,(checked for used entitlements)
,,,,,,ANY Entitlement Limit,,(checked for used entitlements)

There are various new customising tables available in the IMG to set up the various rules for each scheme. (Tables T5GPBS20-30, T554L, T5A4P, T556E, T556G, T554S, T554C, T510I, T508A, T538A & T77S0). These are evaluated during Absence Entry, the 'Scheme Monitoring' Report and Payroll Processing.

Seniority Calculation (Based on ANY infotype!)

,,Optionally including/excluding Previous Service, Absences and Career Breaks.

Part Day Processing

However, if your scheme rules allow Part Days to reduce entitlements and receive payments then the PCR field that is customisable in T554C will be processed for "Part Day" absence splits in tabe AB because "Part Day" absence splits automatically get the "Part Day" counterpart split of their "Complete Day" normal split. The ONLY difference between the two types being that the PCR field is filled with "GORD" in T554C for "Part Day" splits and the split derives ALL its T554C customising from its "Complete Day" counterpart. The personnel calculation rule GORD mimics the processing of PAB, but accesses the table COVER for its information, NOT table AB.

The following are released as standard;

Absence Evaluation Schemes,,11CASUAL, 11 SALARY & 11WAGES.

Further Information

For customising purposes, see the section in the IMG: Payroll Ireland -> Sickness Payments -> Occupational SIch Pay and Occupational Maternity Pay.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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