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New account for differences arising from capitalization ( RELNAA_30_NEUTRAL )

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New account for differences arising from capitalization


A new account has been set up in the account allocations for Asset Accounting. This account is called "Account assignment for portions of costs not capitalized." This account is intended for the differences that arise because of different capitalization rules. There are two different situations:

  • The system uses this account when portions of the costs of a capital investment measure are not transferred to an asset under construction, but instead are posted to non-operating expense.
You cannot enter this account in the cost-accounting depreciation area, since it can only be posted with CO account assignment. Portions of costs that are not to be capitalized in the cost-accounting area, have to be settled manually to CO receivers before the capitalization.
  • In addition, this account is used when differences from capitalization have to be posted due to capitalization differences from acquisition postings to specific depreciation areas. The system always creates the capitalization difference in relation to area 01 (book depreciation).
A smaller amount is capitalized in the group depreciation area than in the book depreciation area. The system then posts the difference between book depreciation and group depreciation to this account.

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If necessary, maintain this account in your account allocations.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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