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Returnable Transport Items (New) ( RELNAII40_RTI )

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Returnable Transport Items (New)


As of SAP AII 4.0 you can process returnable transport items (RTIs) such as returnable pallets and Kanban replenishment containers. RTIs are returnable containers that travel from supplier location to customer location and then come back to the supplier. The RTI may also travel to more business partners in the supply chain. The following RTI business processes and features are supported:

  • Maintenance of RTI
  • RTI tags are commissioned, recommissioned or decommissioned

  • Outbound process for RTIs
  • Inbound process for RTIs
  • Emptying (unpacking objects and child objects from) the RTI
  • Move process for RTIs
  • Outbound return process for empty RTIs
  • Inbound return process for empty RTIs
  • RTI tracking with SAP Event Management (SAP EM)
  • SAP EM is used to address centralized control and visibility requirements

SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII) tracks the RTIs within one SAP AII instance. When RTIs move across SAP AII instances or to other external business partners, SAP EM tracks the movement of RTIs.

RTI reporting in SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI)

Users can create RTI reports based on the user defined RTI attributes. These user defined attributes (up to 5) are sent from SAP AII to SAP BI.

Product Master Changes

You can maintain the Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI ) for a product.

There is a new set type AIN_PROD_TGRAI that you can add to the product category using customizing transaction Auto-ID Infrastructure → Master Data → Product → Define Product Hierarchy. Once the set type is added to a category, anybody creating a product in that category is able to maintain a GRAI for the product.

Effects on Existing Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

Further Information

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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