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APO-ATP-BF: ATP Application Log ( RELNAPO_30A_SP1_ATP-BF5 )

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APO-ATP-BF: ATP Application Log


As of Release 3.0A (First Customer Shipment and Support Package 1) the ATP application log is available. The availability check process is logged using this tool. You thereby gain insight into the exact availability check process and can check it.

The ATP application log can give information about the following aspects:

  • The check process
  • Current Customizing settings
  • Processing sequence of the check
  • Possible errors and warnings that occurred

In addition you can branch immediately from the log display into the source code with the help of a special debugging connection without first setting a breakpoint. Among other things this simplifies debugging beyond system bounds, for example from an R/3 system into APO.

The ATP application log includes the total basic functionality of the application log in the R/3 system. The following information can be called:

  • Basic header information for the log
  • Message long text
  • Detailed information
  • Technical information

This tool is tailor-made specially for the availability check and therefore offers an enhanced scope of function:

  • The log type is defined
  • There are application classes that define the individual areas of the availability check
  • You can choose between a technical and an application-related view of the application log
  • You switch on the application log via parameter maintenance in Customizing
  • You can define what should happen automatically at the end with a created log
  • At runtime you can display every message directly that is written during the availability check

The ATP application log is aimed at developers and technically experienced consultants. Through the log the ATP expert receives detailed information about the control flow (up to function module level) within an availability check as well as about errors and messages that occurred.

You switch on the ATP application log especially if errors occurred during the availability check. In order to localize the errors, switch on the application log and carry out the availability check again. Depending on the settings that you defined in parameter maintenance, the log is saved to the database. You can diagnose error sources up to the level of function modules based on problem classes. After that, switch off the application log and delete it from the database. Note that writing logs leads to a considerable deterioration in performance of the availability check. The log should therefore only be switched on for a short time.

The ATP application log is a tool for collecting messages, exceptions and errors. This information is grouped together and displayed in a log that can be created during an availability check in APO.

Logs can be deleted through SAP Easy Access via->Global ATP->Environment ->Application Log->Delete Application Log.

Logs can be displayed through SAP Easy Access via Global ATP--> -->Environment--> Application Log--> Display Application Log .

Switch on the ATP application log in parameter maintenance. Call parameter maintenance either through SAP Easy Access via Global ATP--> --> Environment-->Application Log-->Application Log--> Parameter Maintenance

or in Customizing for Global ATP via Tools->Maintain Parameters for ATP Application Log. You will get additional information there about maintenance.

In order to display logs you must be assigned to the role Expert SAP_APO_ATP_EU.

In order to switch on the ATP application log you must be assigned to the role Controller SAP_APO_ATP_CO.

Effects on Customizing

Switch on the ATP application log in Customizing for Global ATP via Tools-->Maintain Parameters for ATP Application Log. You will find further information in the IMG activity documentation.

Further Information

Further information is available in the program documentation.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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