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APO-SNP-CTM: Supply Distribution ( RELNAPO_30A_SP1_CTM_SUPD )

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APO-SNP-CTM: Supply Distribution


The new supply distribution functionality allows you to distribute unused, available supply (for example, stock, planned production, etc.) from one location to other locations in your supply chain where it is needed. Supply is distributed on a single-level basis using existing quota arrangements and transportation lanes.

In the Supply Distribution screen, enter the following in the Product and Location Selection for Supply Distribution frame:

Planning version Enter the planning version of the model that contains the target locations and transportation lanes that you wish to use, if you have not already maintained a CTM reference profile.

  • Products - Enter the products at the source location to be distributed.
  • Locations - Enter the source location from which supply is to be distributed.
  • All products/locations - Set this flag, if you wish to use all products and locations in your model.

In the Period frame, you enter the start and end dates, as well as the corresponding times, for supply distribution.

In the Technical Settings frame, you can decide if you create fix pegging for the transport orders to be created, and whether supply is created for PP/DS or SNP orders.

If you have already maintained a CTM profile, you can choose it from the input help in the CTM reference profile field. If you use a CTM reference profile, all of the corresponding settings from it are taken into account and you do not need to enter a planning version. However, you must still enter the relevant products and locations.

When using a planning version, you can save your settings as a variant. Choose the Save button and enter a variant name. Later, when defining the CTM profile, if you choose Supply Distribution under the Strategies tabstrip, you can use this variant by choosing it from the input help for the Variant field.

Supply distribution is carried out automatically after the CTM run.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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