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APO-INT-EXT: Action Handler ( RELNAPO_30A_SP1_INT_EXT1 )

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APO-INT-EXT: Action Handler


The Action Handler is used for communicating between the APO System and external systems such as a production control system or an assembly control system.

In Repetitive/Flow Manufacturing, each product (order) proceeds through a number of consecutive production steps which are each carried out at a particular location (work center/line station).

In every production process, situations occur which require you to take certain actions. You can automate the execution of these actions using a flexible assignment of one or several actions to a certain station on a production line or a work center.

You can use the Action Handler to:

  • Transfer order sequences you have optimized in the APO Model Mix Planning to your production control system
The Action Handler transfers the order sequences per block and takes a certain safety buffer in the external production control system into account during the transferal.
  • Save tracking information on each production step
Using this tracking information, you can monitor the production process and the status of each order. This means you can check whether an order has passed through certain line stations several times because of errors in the production process or how many orders of a particular model have been produced. This information is used for quality assurance and can be accessed in the APO database.
  • Change the activity status and the date of an order
You can use this function to make the best possible use of capacities, to minimize warehousing costs and to take into account the postprocessing of individual orders (for example, due to errors in production). For example, you can take the breakdown of a resource into account or you can bring forward an important order.
  • Execute the backflush
You can trigger the following postings: Stock posting, activity posting, requirements reduction, date adjustment at goods receipt, costs for components per reporting point, adjustment of the reporting point quantities.


You can use a function module reference to develop other functions, such as, the automated printing of work center-specific data (shop papers, component lists and so on...) or the creation of Warehouse Management transfer orders for components that are not required on a regular basis.

You can also expand the tracking function to include any necessary selection criteria.

Effects on Existing Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

You make the settings for the Action Handler under Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) → Supply Chain Planning → Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) → Create Actual Data → Settings for the Action Handler.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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