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APO-PPS-BF: Safety Days' Supply ( RELNAPO_30A_SP1_PPS-BF9 )

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APO-PPS-BF: Safety Days' Supply


As of Release 3.0A (First Customer Shipment and Support Package 1), in addition to the safety stock, you are now able to define a safety days' supply. The safety days' supply is defined in the Product Master and canbe used in Supply Network Planning as well as in Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling. This document only contains information on the use of the safety days supply in Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling. For information on how it is used in Supply Network Planning, see the Release information: Advanced Safety Stock Planning.

The safety days' supply is a number of days that is added as a safety buffer between the date of a receipt element and a requirement element to ensure that the warehouse stock of a product can cover the requirements without any new receipts. The system brings forward the requirements by the defined number of days and creates corresponding receipt elements.


Requirement for 100 pieces on 06/06/2000

Safety days' supply of 2 days

Receipt is created with availability date of 06/04/2000

The safety days supply is taken into consideration in most lot-sizing heuristics. The safety days' supply can also be used together with the safety stock.

See also

The Release Information: Advanced Safety Stock Planning in Supply Network Planning.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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