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Scheduling Agreement Processing in Supply Network Planning (new)


As of SAP APO 3.1, scheduling agreements are also included as part of heuristic-based planning in Supply Network Planning for product procurement. By considering scheduling agreements you are able to improve collaboration with your vendors. As vendors are better informed of demand times and demand quantities, processing time can be reduced. You can also use vendor-confirmed quantities within your planning as maximum vendor capacities.

Scheduling Agreement Processing - The Process

Scheduling agreements that were created in an OLTP system and transferred to the APO system through a CIF interface are considered as possible sources of supply by the SNP heuristic. During the planning run, the system creates schedule lines for the scheduling agreements. You are then able to generate manual or automatic scheduling agreement releases based on these schedule lines and transmit them to the vendor. After the vendor has notified you of his capacity using confirmations (that can also be automatically transferred to the OLTP system as scheduling agreement schedule lines), you can use these as maximum capacities during rescheduling, if required, (especially if the vendor's capacity is below your delivery schedule quantity). By doing this, you are also able to restrict the maximum vendor capacity for specific means of transport within a transportation lane.

New Planning Books and Data Views

There is a new planning book (9ASA) and data view (SA(1)) available in Supply Network Planning interactive planning for heuristic-based planning using scheduling agreements, (APO Easy Access Menu -> Supply Network Planning -> Planning -> Scheduling Agreements (Procurement) -> Interactive Scheduling Agreements). This function has also been enhanced to execute the SNP heuristic in the background with new options for including the maximum vendor capacity. An additional planning book has also been created within collaborative procurement for collaboration with vendors over the internet, (9ASAS; APO Easy Access Menu -> Supply Network Planning -> Planning -> Collaborative Supply Planning).


The SNP heuristic does not take into account scheduling agreements for the subcontracting type of procurement. Contracts are not included in SNP planning either (purchasing info records are taken into account).

In addition to this, scheduling agreements in SNP are only included in active model versions.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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