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Integration of Inspection Lots (New) ( RELNAPO_401_INT_INSPLOT )

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Integration of Inspection Lots (New)


In SAP R/3, inspection lots that are relevant to planning are created by a goods receipt for a manufacturing order or a purchase order. You have a start date that results from the date of the goods receipt and an end date that results from the average inspection time defined in the material master. The current stock/requirements list contains the quantity to be posted as a planned receipt for the end date of the inspection lot.

Previously, an inspection lot was transferred from SAP R/3 to SAP APO as stock in quality inspection. Stock in quality inspection appears without receipt dates and is therefore immediately available for planning. This meant that the inspection lot dates in SAP R/3 were not previously taken into account in SAP APO.

As of SAP APO 4.0 and SAP R/3 Plug-In 2003.1, you can set up inspection lot integration. In this case, inspection lots from SAP R/3 are no longer mapped as stock in quality inspection in SAP APO. Instead, they are mapped in the same way as in SAP R/3 with a planned receipt for the end date of the inspection lot. This means that the quantity to be posted is only available as unrestricted-use stock at this date.

As standard, inspection lot integration is not active. You activate it by setting the Inspection Lots Allowed indicator in SAP R/3 Customizing. An active integration model for inspection lots must also exist. In this case, all inspection lots relevant to APO are transferred to SAP APO that meet the following criteria:

  • The inspection lots has the status SPRQ (stock posting required).
  • The quantity to be posted for the inspection lot is greater than zero.
  • The inspection lot quantity is posted to stock in quality inspection when the inspection lot is opened. This means that the Insp. Stock indicator has to be set on the Inspection Lot Quantities tab page.

You can only change integrated inspection lots in SAP R/3. The following changes are transferred to SAP APO automatically:

  • Change to start and end date
  • Change to quantity to be posted
  • Change of status from Opened to Released.

The inspection lot in SAP APO is deleted automatically if the quantity to be posted in SAP R/3 is reduced to zero. This happens if a reposting is made to unrestricted-use stock within a usage decision for the inspection lot.

Effects on Existing Data

If inspection lot integration is active, the system no longer transfers stock in quality inspection to SAP APO for the materials concerned.

For information about how you can change your release to SAP APO 4.0 while retaining old stocks or about how you can convert to inspection lot integration at a later point in time after you have already changed release, see the documentation about integrating inspection lots under Conversion to Inspection Lot Integration.

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

You set the Allow Inspection Lots indicator in SAP R/3 in the Implementation Guide for the APO Core Interface (CIF IMG) under Application-Specific Settings and Enhancements ->Settings and Enhancements for Stocks ->Set Up Transfer of Inspection Lots to SAP APO.

In SAP R/3 3.1I, you are not able to use an implementation guide. Here, you call the maintenance view V_CIFQLOT1 by using transaction SM30.

Further Information

For more information about mapping the inspection lot in SAP APO and about its use in Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling, see the documentation for Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling under Order ->Inspection Lot.

For more information about integrating the inspection lot, see the documentation about integrating SAP APO and SAP R/3 under Integration of Master Data and Transaction Data ->Integration of Transaction Data ->Integration of Order->Integration of Inspection Lots.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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