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Length-based planning (new) ( RELNAPO_401_PPS_EOG_LPP )

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Length-based planning (new)


As of SAP APO 4.0, you can use the length-based functions in Planning (PP/DS) and the global ATP check in which requirements of length-based materials can be covered. The following individual functions are available:

  • Length-based planning heuristic: Creates new receipt elements to cover product requirements (sales orders, planned independent requirements, transfer requirements, dependent requirements). During calculation of the receipt quantities, the length calculation takes account of parameters from the product master and PPM. A cutting functionality, which can be activated or deactivated as requires, enables requirements to be covered by also cutting longer stocks that specified in the requirement. This cutting activity can be carried out with or without orders.
  • Length calculation: Carried out during creation/changing of planned orders (PPM explosion) in APO.
    The length calculation contains two main functions:
  1. Enhanced calculation of operation quantity based on operation lengths
  2. Enhanced calculation of component quantity based on component lengths

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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