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Portfolio Hierarchy in Release 4.61 ( RELNBANK_461_RISK_PH )

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Portfolio Hierarchy in Release 4.61

Scope of Functions

Editing of the portfolio hierarchy has been simplified for Release 4.61: technical steps have been moved into the background.

The tree structure of the portfolio hierarchy is automatically generated and adjusted in the background each time the hierarchy definition is changed. This also applies for changes made to characteristic hierarchies used, and for changes made to the definition on account of a data import. Transport postprocessing is therefore no longer necessary.

For this reason, the menu item "Generate portfolio hierarchy" is now located under Tools -> Reorganization Tools -> Portfolio Hierarchy rather than in the normal menu. This transaction also automatically recognizes whether the portfolio hierarchy has to be generated or adjusted. Existing hierarchies are always adjusted, that is, the node descriptions are retained. There is no longer a separate menu item for adjusting the portfolio hierarchy.

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Automatic Transport Postprocessing

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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