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Changes in the Loans Management Menu ( RELNBANK_463_CML_MENUE )

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Changes in the Loans Management Menu


You can still find the area menu for Loans Management under Financial Accounting → Bank Applications:

  • In Accounting under Closing Operations you can now find, under the new structure nodes Parallel Valuation Areas, functions for the areas Evaluations, Derived Business Operations, Valuation, Transfer Posting by Account Assignment Reference and Master Data.
  • In the Master Data you can now find the functions for the SAP Business Partner that replaces the Treasury Business Partner:
  • Under SAP Business Partner → Business Partner the functions Create/Change/Display are available. You can also create, change or display a partner directly in the role of Main Borrower, Alternative Payer, Issuer and Counterparty

  • You can also create, change or display Partner Relationships.

  • The Treasury Business Partner function Standing Instructions, previously under Business Partner → Payment Details, is now included in the SAP Business Partner as Payment Details under SAP Business Partner → Standing Instructions.

  • Under SAP Business Partner → Special Functions you will find the function Use of Customer Payment Details (previously under Business Partner → Payment Details) and the existing function for Credit Standing Calculation. Additional functions such as Create from Customer Account are also available.

  • The functions Create/Change/Display in Role within the Treasury Business Partner, which you can now only use with regard to the land registry, can now be found under Master Data → Objects → Real Estate Business Partner. Since the Treasury Business Partner is now only used in its original function by the Real Estate application it has been renamed the Real Estate Business Partner.

  • Under Master Data → Objects you will find the existing functions Create/Change/Display under the new structure node Object Processing.

  • In the Information System the previously existing reports can be found under the new structure node Reports.
  • Under Reports → Position/Position Trend you find the new report Processing Characteristics

  • Under Reports → Position/Position Trend the report Loans: Master Data Summary has been removed. Instead use the report Loans: General Overview

  • Under Reports → Master Data → Business Partner, the following reports relating to the Treasury Business Partner have been deleted: Business Partner Roles, Business Partner Data, Business Partner Relationships and Standing Instructions. These can now be found under Master Data → Objects → Real Estate Business Partner → Reports

  • Under the new structure node 'Drilldown Reporting' you can now execute functions for the areas 'Form', Report', 'Report Data' and 'Utilities' that were previously available in the Informations System' for the'Transaction Manager'' under Corporate Finance Management'.

  • In Environment, under SAP Business Partner you can find additional functions for the areas Application Development SAP BP, Partner/Object Relationship, Conversion Tool Control and Business Partner Conversion. You can make specific settings for the BDT or the VCT here.
  • Under External Data Transfer → Logs the function Partners copied has been removed, as has the function Maintain List of Partners Transferred under External Data Transfer → Tools.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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