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Correspondence (New) ( RELNBANK_BCA_604_CORR )

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Correspondence (New)


As of SAP ECC 6.0, Enterprise Extension Financial Services, Enhancement Package 4 (EA-FS 604), Business Function Deposits - Business Operations (EAFS_BCA_BUSOPR), you are provided the following enhancements to the correspondence function:

Integration with Print Workbench

To transfer the correspondence to the required communication channel (such as e-mail or fax), Bank Customer Accounts (BCA)is now integrated with the Print Workbench.

Standard Implementation for BTEs

To generate standardized correspondence for your customers, BCA provides a standard implementation for the following correspondence business transaction events (BTEs).

  • Correspondence on Changing Account Master Data (BTE 00011060)
  • Correspondence on Fixing Term Agreements (BTE 00011035)
  • Correspondence for Prenotification of Term Agreement Maturity (BTE 00011036)
  • Correspondence on Calling of Term Agreements (BTE 00011037)
  • Default BTE Implementation for Account Create or Change Correspondence
  • BAdI for Account Closure Correspondence (BAdI: BKK_ACCOUNT_CLOSURE_CORR in the enhancement spot ES_BKK_ACCOUNT_CLOSURE_CORR)

The default implementation in the standard system allows you to print the correspondence immediately after it is created by using SAMPLE_INTERFACE_PRNT_00011060.

If you print the correspondence immediately, the system can print both the old and changed data.

Print Correspondence Report

You can now print the correspondence much after the correspondence request was generated by using the print correspondence report (RFBKK_CORR_PRINT_REPORT).

Note:For account create or change correspondence, if you print the correspondence later, for example, as part of the end-of-day processing, you must use the BTE 00011060. This BTE transfers both the old and changed account data. You must have your own implementation to store the old data. You can use the BAdI: Get Account Data for Correspondence(BKK_BADI_GET_ACC_DATA) to define the procedure for obtaining the old account data.

  • Account Master Record Activities
    On the account master record, you can now view a list of all correspondence requests created for an account by choosing Corresp. History (Correspondence History).
  • Additional Correspondence Scenarios Supported
    The following correspondence scenarios are now supported by the correspondence function:
  • Account closure

  • Accounts that are approaching the planned closure date

  • Bank statements

  • Balance notification

  • Sample PDF Forms
    The system now provides the following sample PDF forms that you can use to create correspondence by using the correspondence tool:
  • Fixed Term Correspondence (BKK_FIXEDTERM_SAMPLE_PDF)

  • Account Create/Change Correspondence (BKK_ACCOUNT_SAMPLE_PDF)

  • Balance Notification (BKK_BAL_NOTIF_SAMPLE_PDF)

  • Bank Statement (BKK_ACC_STAT_PDF_SAMPLE)

  • Account Closure Notification (BKK_ACC_CLOSURE_SAMPLE_PDF)

  • Account Closure Prenotification (BKK_ACC_CLS_PRENOT_SAMPL_PDF)

Effects on Existing Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

Make the correspondence-related settings in Customizing for BCA by choosing Tools -> Correspondence Tooland Print Workbench. For more information, see the documentation for the relevant Implementation Guide (IMG) activities.

Further Information

For more information, see SAP Note 1062868.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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