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Withholding Tax on Withdrawals ( RELNBANK_BCA_US_110_WH )

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Withholding Tax on Withdrawals


Withholding Tax, in general, refers to any taxes deducted from an interest payment being made within the system. For example, Withholding Tax on Withdrawals can be used for any withdrawals made from retirement accounts.

Effects on Existing Data

Withholding Tax on Withdrawals is a BTE (SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00015037) that has been integrated into the current existing Payment Item processing. In order to use the BTE correctly, the sample interface provided will need to be copied and modified to customer specifications. BTE SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00015037 will create the additional item that represents the Withholding Tax. It does not affect the original item amount. Adjustment to the original item amount (i.e., deducting the Withholding Tax amount from the original amount) will need to be accomplished via BTE SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00010020.

In order to fully emulate the Withholding Tax functionality properly, the BTE SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00010020 must be utilized. SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00010020 must first be copied into the same Function Group as SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00015037 is copied to. Then the new SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00010020 must store the c_item-a_amount in a global field G_AMOUNT (defined in the Function Group's top include). The SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00010020 reduces the A_AMOUNT for withholding tax. When the copied SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00015037 is called, it will create new position items that are added to the payment item.

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

After copying the sample interfaces provided, the entries in the Activate SAP-Application Function Module (P/S) must be maintained in IMG. Position to the Events 00010020 and 00015037 and enter the name of the copied function modules.

Further Information

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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