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Balance Sheet Transfer (Extended) ( RELNBANK_CML_500_BST )

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Balance Sheet Transfer (Extended)


As of Release SAP ECC 5.00 Financial Services (EA_FS 500) the system behaves as follows when you execute a balance sheet transfer:

If you have set up your account determination for accounts for accrued and deferred items depending on your account assignment reference, the system posts the remaining balances to the new accounts for accrued/deferred items.

Effects on Existing Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

To enable the system to post the remaining balances correctly you need to execute the following IMG activities in the Customizing for Loans Management. You could make your settings as follows, for example:

  • Define Flow Types
Define your flow types for premium and discount:
0165 Discount:Posting of Receivables Discountto Deferred Income/Accrued Expenditure
0170 Premium:Posting of Accrued Income/Deferred Expenditureto Receivables Premium

Define your flow types for the transfer:
Flow typeActivity IndicatorActCat.
0560 Transfer Accrued Expense /Deferred Income Outflow070053 (Transfer Accrual and Deferral Debit)
0570 Transfer Accrued Expense/ Deferred Income Inflow080054 (Transfer Accrual and Deferral Credit)
0580 Transfer Accrued Income/Deferred Exp. Outflow080054 (Transfer Accrual and Deferral Credit)
0590 Transfer Accrued Inc./Deferred Exp. Inflow070053 (Transfer Accrual and Deferral Debit)

  • Define Condition Groups
In the Assign Flow Types to Condition Groups per Application screen, assign the flow types to the condition groups for the applications 351 and 352:
Application functionFlow type
351 (Transfer Deferred Income / Accrued Expenditure)0560 Transfer Accrued Expense/Deferred Expenditure Outflow
351 (Transfer Deferred Income / Accrued Expenditure)0570 Transfer Accrued Expense/ Deferred Income Inflow
352 (Transfer Accrued Income/ Deferred Expenditure)0580 Transfer Accrued Income/Deferred Exp. Outflow
352 (Transfer Accrued Income / Deferred Expenditure)0590 Transfer Accrued Inc./Deferred Exp. Inflow

  • Define Account Determination
Complete the account determination for the flow types:
0560 (Outflow)Deferred Income / Accrued Expenditureto Clearing
0570 (Inflow):Clearingto Deferred Income / Accrued Expenditure
0580 (Outflow)Clearingto Accrued Income / Deferred Expenditure
0590 (Inflow):Accrued Income/ Deferred Expenditureto Clearing

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

Further Information

More information is available in the documentation for the individual IMG activities, and in the SAP Library under Financials → SAP Banking → Loans Management → Accounting→ Balance Sheet Transfer.

General Data in Customer Master   BAL_S_LOG - Application Log: Log header data  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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