Upload/Download Function for Purchasing Documents (New) ( RELNEBP_50_UPLOAD )

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Upload/Download Function for Purchasing Documents (New)


As of SAP Enterprise Buyer 5.0, you can download the following purchasing documents as a file to your PC, edit the file locally, and upload the changed document data into the mySAP Supplier Relationship Manager (SRM) application:

  • Contracts
  • Bid invitations
  • Offers

Until now, you could download data from SRM in the form of an Excel file only. The new function is not program-dependent. SAP delivers a table-like file structure, which you can edit using any spreadsheet program (for example, Microsoft Excel). You can use the standard functions in your spreadsheet program (for example automatic filter functions) to optimize the view of the data and help you navigate more easily within the document.

The upload and download function enables you to:

  • Edit document data offline and keep it available offline
    You can change or delete existing data, add new data, and transfer virtually all document data (including customer-defined fields, for example).
  • Edit large documents
    The new function makes it easier to create documents with a large number of items and make mass changes to large documents. In the case of very large documents, the system carries out the process in the background.

You can upload data only if you have already downloaded the corresponding SRM document to a file.

Effects on Existing Data

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

Effects on Customizing

In the BAdI Upload/Download SRM Documents (BBP_PD_DOWNLOAD), you can change the selection of the document data for the upload and download process, and also the arrangement of the data in the file to be downloaded or uploaded.

See the Implementation Guide (IMG) for mySAP SRM: SRM Server -> Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) for Enterprise Buyer-> Upload/Download SRM Documents.

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